About Shyfft

People all over America are discovering a better, simpler way to move.

One where you get your stuff moved by top rated movers who truly care about giving you a great experience. A way of moving where you don’t have to haggle over price, dial lots of movers to find one who is available when you are, or worry about whether your mover is trustworthy.

This is Shyfft, and it’s moving made simple.

Frustrating phone calls to movers are a thing of the past. Dialing digits and hoping for the best is gone. Googling local movers and stumbling across a good mover only to find yourself more confused than when you began is the old way. At Shyfft, you compare offers by price, location, and mover ratings. You connect directly with the mover, confident you already have their best offer upfront. No awkward haggle, no hassle, just moving made easy.

Plus, this is great for movers too. This new approach to moving introduces them to more potential customers, helping to increase sales, to reduce costs and to improve efficiency. A better moving experience for everyone.

Quick facts

  • 50 States Covered
  • 5 Star Movers
  • #1 Rated Moving Experience