Shyfft FAQs

  • Shyfft makes moving simple. No longer do you have to call dozens of movers to find a trusted one. No longer do you have to worry about hidden fees. No longer do you have to waste hours and money, Shyfft does the hard work for you.

    The old way of moving: asking friends for referrals, googling, and hoping for the best is gone.

    We send you up to 5 quote estimates within 24 hours from the best-rated movers in your area. Movers offer their best price from the get-go, so there is no need to haggle.

    Your contact information is never shared with movers, so you won’t be hassled by any unwanted sales calls.

    Once you’ve received your quote estimates, you can compare them by price, location of the mover, and reviews of the mover from other consumers.

    All that’s left is to direct message your favorite movers anonymously through the Shyfft website, or give them a call to coordinate the details.

    Best of all, there are no hidden fees to worry about!

  • Moving should be simple - so why does it waste so much of your time?

    At Shyfft, we know consumers are tired of wasting hours searching for movers, haggling over prices, and never knowing who to trust or if you’re getting a good deal.

    When you call your local mover you have to figure out:

    • What the mover charges?
    • Whether they are available when you are?
    • Whether you can trust them?
    • Whether they can move everything you need moved?

    That’s where Shyfft comes in - we bypass this by working with moving companies to find out their availability, capability to move, rating level and cost. And best of all, your money is protected… the mover is only paid once the move is completed to your satisfaction. In return, we provide moving companies with lots of happy customers, who they love!

    We’re committed to finding the best deals for our users, while providing an easy and enjoyable moving experience.

  • We notify you by email once your quote estimates have arrived. Being able to log in to our system allows you to message the mover back and forth anonymously without being hassled.

    Movers don’t want to publicly display all the details of their quote estimates for the world to see, but they’re happy to offer Shyfft exclusive discounts privately to our high quality users who’ve signed up.

  • In rare cases where a customer has underestimated the amount of goods to be moved, the mover may charge additional fees to reflect the additional moving costs.

  • All quote estimates you receive on Shyfft are based on the full cost of the move: time and labor.

    What you see is what you pay.

  • When you submit a moving request, we endeavor to match you with companies that can service all your needs, including packing. Simply message a mover to confirm that they will handle all your packing needs and that their price quote includes packing costs, including materials if necessary, labor and time.

  • If you need storage facilities, we’ve got you covered! We partner with top-rated and trusted moving companies who also provide storage services.

  • We partner only with professional, top-rated companies who prioritize safety of goods and protection so you can be confident that your goods are secure for safe keeping.

  • When you sign up with Shyfft, top rated moving companies with storage services will provide you quote estimates that are exclusive to Shyfft so you can be confident you are getting a great deal and are in good hands.

  • Shyfft connects you to a trusted network of top rated movers.

    We work with individual contacts at moving companies who can offer exclusive Shyfft discounts. You won’t get the same deal if you walk into a local mover.

    We only work with movers who consistently offer great deals as well as excellent customer service to Shyfft users. There are many ways that we track this, but all you need to know is that we only work with the best movers!

  • Chances are they can’t commit to the level of discount and service we expect from them. We only want to work with the best movers who are responsive to our users and can get them the best deal.

    If you know anyone who might like to benefit from more sales, let them know about us!

  • We endeavor to ensure that you receive the best price possible from our mover network, regardless of where you are located.

    You’ll also always receive a quote estimate from the movers that service your area.

  • It’s extremely rare that a mover doesn’t honor an price quote. Where issues arise we have a dispute resolution process in place to resolve concerns.

  • We partner only with top rated movers so you can be confident that you’re in safe hands. Plus, your mover only gets paid when your move has been successfully completed.

  • Shyfft partners with movers to provide exclusive discounts so it means you’re very unlikely to be able to get the same type of deal on your own.

  • Congratulations! Simply go ahead and place the moving request for the mover with whom you’ve been interacting. Give them a call to make final scheduling arrangements.

    Once you’ve confirmed your moving request, you’ll put down a small deposit directly with the mover (around 10% of the price of the move by debit or credit card to secure your new move).

    The mover will then confirm your order and will keep in touch until your move is scheduled and completed.

    The remainder of the balance due is paid up to 72 hours prior to the move taking place. We do this to protect both you: when we take payment the mover is informed that your credit card has been charged the agreed upon quote estimate which avoids future “hidden” charges.

    All that’s left is to sit back and enjoy the hassle-free moving experience!

  • The discounts the movers give depend on how many moves they have availability to complete. Some movers may adjust their pricing to cater to the amount of goods and time of your move as well as how many persons are need to complete the move.

  • Quote estimates can occasionally be similar because our movers agree to a certain percentage discount off the regular retail price of a move, and the movers are simply giving you the best percentage discount available.

  • If you’d like a move quickly completed, simply message movers who submit quotes to enquire about their availability.

    Be aware that movers schedules change very quickly so it’s worth giving them a call to find out when they’re available to you.

  • Only top-rated movers who deliver exceptional customer service are featured as Shyfft partners, but if you find an outstanding mover not yet on Shyfft, simply let us know.

  • Movers will honor their quote estimates until 3 days prior to proposed move date or one week, whichever is sooner.

  • We’re sorry to hear this! We know movers are busy but we do require them to meet certain standards.

    If a mover hasn’t responded within 48 hours of you contacting them, do let us know so we can find out the reason and give them a nudge.

    We only want to work with the best movers so we really appreciate you getting in touch.

    Email us at care[at] to follow up with the Moving Partner.

  • When your move is complete, Shyfft takes a percentage of the quote estimate you were provided.

  • There is no catch! After all, we know what it’s like to move too! We’re passionate about helping people move without the usual hassle.

    The movers we work with are able to offer great deals in return for the volume of sales & high quality customers we provide them. The prices you see are the prices you pay.

  • We’re a small but growing team based on the East and West Coasts of the United States of America. We’re passionate about creating the best possible way to move.

  • Easily! Either email us on <care[at]>

    We’re always happy to hear from you!

  • Below are some helpful tips for both consumers and movers to consider.

    As a Buyer

    Before accepting a bid, you should first evaluate the legitimacy of the mover. To avoid entering into an unsuccessful transaction consumers should consider the following questions.

    • Does anything in the mover’s feedback raise any doubts?
    • Does your due diligence generally support the mover’s claims?
    • Does the mover appear to answer questions honestly and accurately?
    • Does the quote estimate describe the move honestly and accurately?
  • You’re here because you may have a problem with a sale, either as a Buyer, or a Seller. Before going further, please note that the dispute process does not apply if you have simply changed your mind for any reason.

    So what is the dispute process for? Maybe the other party isn’t responding, or there’s been a problem with the move or payment, or for some other reason the sale isn’t going through.

    Initiating a dispute is serious.

    It will leave a permanent record on both users’ histories. It is so much better to first try to see if you two can resolve the issue amicably.

    Before you initiate a dispute, follow these steps:

    1. Your first step should be to communicate with the other party: send them a message

    2. Even better, because you do have their contact details, give the other party a phone call. This information can be found in the Move Completion Area. Please be courteous!

    3. If they won’t respond to you, there might be something wrong. We can intervene to encourage them to reply. Please inform customer support.

    If these three steps fail, then we may have no other recourse other than for you to initiate a dispute.

    The Process:

    1. Disputes page becomes available 48 hours after move finishes
      48 hours after the move closes, the link to “Dispute Move” will become active in the Move Completion Area for the listing. When you’re sure you’re ready, click this link to access the next step.

    2. Describe Your Case
      First, let us know in detail exactly how the other party has failed to follow through with the move. In order for us to make a judgment, please give specific but concise evidence. If you feel you haven’t received something that was promised to you, please include screenshots if necessary.

    3. Right of Reply
      Then, following your submission, the other party will be given 48 hours to present their side of the story. If they don’t respond, we’ll find in your favor (with consequences for them).

    4. Shyfft’s Adjudication
      Finally, based on both stories, a decision on the dispute.

    If the dispute is found against you, a black mark may be recorded against you, and there may be further consequences.

  • It is not possible to change your Shyfft username without intervention from the Shyfft Customer Care team.

    In general, we do not allow customers to change their Shyfft username, however from time to time, we make exceptions in special circumstances.

    If you have a very new account or an account with a near flawless record, feel free to contact Shyfft’s Customer Care team with your request. Please specify why you would like your username changed and what you would like it to be and we will come back to you with a decision.

    Please also keep in mind that if the change is authorized, we can only make one change so be sure to pick something worth keeping.

Shyfft Escrow FAQs

  • Yes, Shyfft charges the Consumer no fees to use Shyfft Escrow.

  • Keeping our global marketplace safe and complying with all applicable regulations are our paramount concerns.

    We may ask for proof of additional identification documentation, e.g. photos or scans of your passport, driver’s license, or other government-issued photo ID, and a photo of you holding the same document as part of our risk abatement and compliance processes.

    All information and photos supplied are secured (TLS) and encrypted (AES-256), and are only used for the purpose of verifying your identity.

  • Shyfft and Shyfft Escrow identity verification currently use different systems. If you’ve changed your phone number permanently since verifying it on your Shyfft account, please send a note with your updated phone number to <escrow[at]> and we can get your new phone number verified and update it for you in the Shyfft Escrow process.

  • Once the funds are in the Shyfft Escrow vault, you would need to file a dispute in the Move History area. Upon resolution of the dispute, Shyfft will advise on how the funds in the vault will be disbursed and can potentially return funds to the Buyer.

    Please note: When you release funds to the Mover, you acknowledge that your move has been completed and you are satisfied with it. If the funds have already been released to the Mover, Shyfft has no further ability to retrieve the funds or provide a refund.

While this FAQ will grow over time, please contact the Shyfft Customer Success team at or our Shyfft Escrow team at for any further questions.